About Us

We are John and Louise. In 2002, we quit our jobs, sold our house in London and came to live out here in Turkey.

For many years, during the summer, we used to run a charter yacht, Astral Music, sailing holidaymakers up and down the beautiful Turquoise Coast. Astral Music was based in nearby Gocek.

Taş Evi is where we often spend a few months in winter.

This is important because it means it's not just another holiday villa. It's also our home. That means it's much loved, it's well cared for and it's well equipped for modern living and we do improvements and updates every winter.

Come and relax for a week or two in our beautiful house this summer.

Taş Evi, Karakeçililer Köyü, Kaya Köy,
Fethiye, Turkey.